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woot :|

2008-10-20 11:45:14 by JamesAwesome

Kindly, Flash CS3 has decided to 'fall out' with my computer and I onyl just got orund to reloading. Now thanks to my wonderful computer, it doesn't even work. But I think I have Flash 8 round here somewhere ...

Still need a mike.

Fucking eBay.


2008-08-14 15:03:33 by JamesAwesome

Sweeeeeet! My tablet is here! Woop woop, and now that I have Flash CS3 I think I should start on another animation :D

(I shoulda posted this ages ago but I forgot my NG password ...)

EDIT : Balls, I forgot to order a mic.

See my blog!

2008-07-28 04:51:00 by JamesAwesome

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